Friday, October 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We were released yesterday to come home for a two week break. We'll have to be back in Greenville on the 19th to begin high dose chemo and reinfusion of her stem cells. Hopefully the break will give her enough time to recover from what she's been through so far and she can give Melphalan the one two punch when we return to Greenville.

Planning a trip up to the mountains or down to the beach to relax for a few days.

She's feeling good today and was able to sleep in this morning. Abby is enjoying our company now that we're back.

Thank you for your continued prayers and thank you to those who sent cards/letters -- your words of encouragement mean so much.

Fighting Like A Girl


  1. I pray you both will enjoy the break to the max!

  2. Enjoy you break, so glad her number was SO high! You are a great daughter!

  3. Love the blog... praying for your family!

  4. So your mom dominated R.V.D.D for a four cycles with great results...that's awesome! I finish my first week of cycle 1 on Tuesday. My M-Spike was at 3.2 at the start, on Friday it dropped to 3.0 and I nope to get to the 0 by January! You mom is rockin' it! She's a Cancer Kicker in my book!!!!!!!

    Keep dominating,

    Ann Arbor, MI