Sunday, September 13, 2009

And In This Corner - Stem Cell Transplant

Momma and I head to Greenville tomorrow for orientation at St. Francis -- should be tons of fun. We'll then spend Tuesday at the Cancer Center reviewing lab results and last minute details regarding the stem cell transplant aka SCT.
The SCT begins on Wednesday so I thought I'd provide a little info on what exactly will be happening over the next 11 weeks.

Mobilization - chemo before collection of stem cells
Week 1: Mobilization Starts
Chemotherapy is given this week to treat the disease and stimulate production of stem cells.
Week 2: Neupogen Starts
Labwork, Antibiotics, and Neupogen shots. Neupogen shots help release stem cells into the blood.
Week 3: Apheresis begins based on stem cell recovery
Stem cell collection will begin most likely this week. Exact day depends on when her counts get to the target range for collection -- our collection goal is 10 million. Need 4 million to do 2 transplants.
Week 4: Obvervation
Repeat chemo if neccsary.

1-2 weeks of REST!! WOOHOO!!

High Dose
Week 1 HD: High Dose and Reinfusion
2 Days of Melphalan (very bad stuff - google it if you don't believe me) followed by reinfusion of stem cells
Week 2 HD: Lab Work & Supportive Care
Week 3 -4 HD: Lab Work & Supportive Care

Let's hope we don't need very much supportive care during the last 3 weeks --- we're going to fight like girls so we don't!!

Fighting Like A Girl

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