Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last Friday was pretty uneventful. We went in for the last round of cytoxin then Momma decided she felt like making the drive to my house to spend the night before I took her home Saturday. Got her to my house Friday afternoon and she went straight to bed. That ativan really knocks her out not to mention the wacky dreams she has when she takes it.

On Saturday, we loaded her in the car and took her to Scattertown for the weekend. I know my dad was glad to have her home for a few days. While I was there I taught Daddy how to use Skype. For those of you that know my dad, you'll understand how foreign that was for him. However, he got the hang of it and managed to Skype with momma for 30 minutes this afternoon. That was definitely a first -- for both of them actually. It was pretty funny listening to momma try to talk to Abby (the dog) via webcam.....

I went back to pick her up on Tuesday and we returned to Greenville Wednesday morning to start neupogen. Neupogen basically helps release stem cells into the blood for collection. We were told that collection numbers are better when neupogen is given at night so that means one of us had to step up and become the official shot giver -- that would be me. I watched nurse Carolyn give the shot yesterday, then I was able to practice on fake skin.

We went back in to the cancer center today for labwork and another neupogen shot administered by yours truly. Nurse Christy supervised and said I did a great job and can now begin giving her the shots on my own at the hotel.

There was a glitch with her port and they couldn't pull the blood they needed for labwork so they took it from her arm. Hopefully whatever was wrong with it today will have worked itself out by tomorrow. Labwork is doing what it is supposed to be doing at this time -- she's officially neutropenic. So she's channeling Michael Jackson with her mask and is on the hunt for some big sunglasses and a Fedora-- let's hope she doesn't start calling me Blanket. I'll leave you with our Week 2 photo.

Fighting Like A Girl

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  1. So glad to see another post....I was wondering what was up.

    I continue to pray all will go well for your wonderful Mother.

    Scattertown....I'd forgotten that name :)