Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 2: Blow by Blow

Momma woke up with hiccups again this morning and a little nausea (which we think was a result of the hiccups). Ativan seems to be the cure for both so far.

Lab work this morning showed low Calcium and Potassium levels. Two TUMS and potassium pills have now been added to the daily pill regimen.

Got hooked up for her chemo cocktail and snoozed on and off most of the morning. The ativan seems to cause a little drowsiness.

We also met another multiple myeloma patient. He had tandem SCTs and has been enlightening us about his experience. Some of it good -- some of it not so good. It's been good to hear his story though.

I was able to spend most of the day in the treatment room instead of the lobby. They didn't seem to be quite as busy as they were yesterday.

We wrapped up around midday and went to find some lunch. We toured Target -- Momma realized that after Wednesday of next week she won't be able to go out in public for awhile so she needed to get her Target fix. Made our way back to the hotel -- I spent the afternoon working while Momma enjoyed a 4 hour nap.

She seems to be feeling okay this evening -- wasn't too interested in her soup at dinner. I think she was still groggy from her nap.

We're hoping to head home after chemo tomorrow. We'll have to be back next week to start Neupogen shots.

Also, if anyone needs our temporary address while we're here let me know and I'll send it to you via email.

HUGE thanks to our prayer warriors out there.

Fighting Like A Girl

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