Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 1: Blow by Blow

Arrived at the cancer center and got checked in.

Met our transplant nurse -- Carolyn -- she's awesome.

Vital Signs.

Got hooked up to the IV to start chemo.

Enjoyed a 6 hour cocktail of cytoxin and V16.

I was banished to the lobby at one point because the transplant area was so busy. No worries though -- I set up my mobile office and got tons of work done.

Moved to a private room just in time for lunch.

Spent the afternoon making several potty trips (had to have lasix due to low output) and watching Food Network/avoiding the Soaps.

Tammy came to visit us (not sure of her title but she's been super helpful with all of the paperwork, insurance, questions, etc) and she's pretty awesome too. She and momma spoke insurance language for a few minutes since they're both insurance gurus -- me not so much.

Momma got a very stylish tote bag to take home with her -- 2 liters of fluid that she'll have to stay attached to all night.

Carolyn told us all of the side effects she might experience -- tiredness, nausea, all the typical side effects of chemo. Of course the weirdest side effect she listed is the only one we've experienced tonight --- hiccups. They're gone now but it was touch and go for awhile there -- kidding of course.

All in all today was a pretty good day. Carolyn was even kind enough to snap a quick photo for us to document the "special occasion". I'm probably going to be in trouble for putting this on here....

Fighting Like A Girl

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  1. I am so glad I found this blog today. It is so good to see the picture of you and Mom smiling....I know your Mom is so glad to have you with her for this journey!

    My daughter, Ashli, has a woman in her Sunday School Class (at FB RockHIll) who did the stem cell and is completely well, Yeah for stem cell. Lord, I pray Dianne and Riley will feel your presence at every step and Dianne will emerge strong in faith and body! Amen